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Knitting at No. 10

Over the summer months I took part in Oxfam's campaign against maternal mortaliry, making a giant blanket with each 9''x9'' square representing a woman who'd died needlessly in childbirth.

I'd make mine, sat in front of the TV using up scraps of acrylic I'd bought when I first started knitting, not thinking much of it, just small things to keep my hands occupied inbetween bigger projects. As the deadline approached I sewed my completed squares into a small blanket to help out the brave Oxfam volunteers who had the mammoth task of sewing 250000 squares together.

Imagine my surprise when browsing through the flicker photos for the event, which are worth a look, the blanket is stunning, when I spotted my little bit as part of a larger sub-blanket which had been taken to No. 10.