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Over Easter we went to Istanbul. It's one of those cities that's been lurking in the corners of my mind, from tales of Roman Constantinople, to bordering Europe and Asia with its dreaming mosque minarets.

So I booked a bargain of a city break two days before we left, chucked some clothes in a bag, picked up a guidebook and off we went.

There are more blog posts and photos on the way, as we had an excellent time there, but as you can see I was quite taken with ceilings and spent most of our four days there looking up.

Hello blog

Hello blog

I haven't seen you for a while.

I've been volunteering/interning/working full-time at MSF UK for the last few months, learning new skills and lots more about the awesome humanitarian work they do.

Most of my job has been on the website so when I get home in the evenings the last thing I've wanted to do is look at the internet.

I've got a small hiatus before something else begins, so I'll be doing a spot of catching up.

I haven't knitted much either, (blame the Game of Thrones book series for that) but I have done some knitting.

These are p/hop samples of one of my favourite sock patterns, Molly Weasley's gift socks.

I really like knitting these (this is my second pair) as the pattern is easy to memorise, making them very portable, but there are a couple of interesting parts which makes them interesting to knit too.

They are the Vikkel braid just after the cuff and the eye-of-the-partridge heel. I have no idea why it's called an 'eye-of-t…