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In My Craft or Sullen Art

The Poetry Society's knitted poem has been unveiled as part of National Poetry day.

Photo via the Poetry Society.

I've only seen photos of it but it's very impressive. There are more pictures on the Poetry Society website where you can read the poem by Dylan Thomas in full as well as many other great pieces. When I read Dylan Thomas it's always with Richard Burton's voice in my head, I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Lovely jubbly arty farty

Today was one of those lovely feel good days. A fellow Raveler, TheKnittingNurse, contacted me a few weeks ago as she was running out of a certain yarn for her sock project and through the magic of Ravely asked me if she could buy the leftover yarn I had in my stash. After some dithering I decided I wouldn't use the yarn up and giving it away would help reduce the size of my ridiculous stash. I'd met her briefly at a knitting event last year and we decided to meet for lunch. We went to an excellent Thai restaurant in Pimlico (I think it's called the Thai Cafe and is on the corner of Tachbrook Street and Charlwood Street, the food was excellent and good value for money) and got on very well.

We share quite a few interests, as well as knitting and it's always good to find new friends. I didn't want any money for the yarn as it really wasn't worth much so she's going to make a donation to p/hop, the knitting-fund-raising arm of Medecins Sans Frontieres UK. Ther…

Knit a Poem

As part of The Poetry Society's centenary celebration a knitted poem is being made with knitters from all over the world contributing squares. My friend fingersandtoes is co-ordinating the sewing up, which is a mammoth task so I went along to the Poetry Society Studio and Cafe in Covent Garden to help out with the seaming.

If you're visiting Covent Garden it's worth popping in to the society's convivial cafe on Betterton Street as the food is excellent. I enjoyed a delicious bean burger wrap with teriyaki sauce.

I'd seen part of the poem at the IKnit Weekender however seeing the almost finished lines of the poem was exciting. Even more lovely was reading the names and comments from the global knitting community on the back of the squares, especially when they had mentioned their favourite poems.

The identity of the chosen poem is a secret so watch out for news on it's unveiling as it will look impressive.