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Slow burning, overthinking.

I have so many WIPs on the go that WIP Wednesday should be WIP-every-day for me. I'm pondering getting them all in one place so I work through them and actually finish them however that can feel a little overwhelming and in a way less fun.

Who knows, maybe I'll get round to it.

Having said that, not all my WIPs are lost causes, though some are slow burners.

It's grey and miserable outside today so here's some #colour #wipwednesday #WIP #knitting #garterstitch #blanket #yarn #knittersofinstagram A photo posted by clarestorry (@gingerknits) on Mar 9, 2016 at 7:17am PST

I started this blanket during last year's Tour de France. I'd made a garter stitch blanket for my nephew and had enjoyed the mindless knitting, perfect for watching men in lycra cycling up hills.

While having a stash sort out I realised I had accumulated a fair amount of aran weight tweed yarn. I did a fair bit of pattern browsing on Ravelry and decided on making another garter stitch blanket, this…

I want candy

Here's another one of my learn to draw sketches. One of the aspects I'm really enjoying about the online course is it mixes up simple and complex shapes. This encourages concentration for some challenges and giddy fun for others.

Yesterday's challenge was candy/sweeties. I decided not to watch the full tutorial before drawing as I wanted to see what I would produce without influence.

"I know a guy who's tough but sweet He's so fine, he can't be beat He's got everything that I desire Sets the summer sun on fire I want candy" Yum yum in my tum. Yesterday's #CBDrawADay challenge was a sugar rush. This was a fun doodle, I'd forgotten how sinister jelly babies are when closely examined. Coloured in using Derwent Inktense - the colours really pop when washed. #sweets #colour #bowwowwow A photo posted by clarestorry (@gingerknits) on Mar 8, 2016 at 8:30am PST

This isn't the most skillful of drawings but I had fun doing it and noticed it brok…

The birds

Loving cups?

"What! You don't post for months then you write two in a day?!?!?!?"

Yes, I hear you, my sly subconcious, and yeah, what of it?

So what if I blog like buses!

Anyway brain, get to it, your readers (hello dear reader, thanks for stopping by) are getting impatient.

I had a little moment of self realisation today. I was being a good student taking part in today's #CBdrawaday challenge. The subject is Loving Cups. Loving what? Indeed. To save retyping here's my Instagram post with my homework and thoughts on the actual topic.

When I saw 'Loving Cups' coming up as #CBdrawaday day five I wondered if it was something that would flag up inappropriate google searches. It's not a term I've heard before and my puerile British mind went to the wrong place. Oh, its trophies and the like. OK, still something that I don't see very often. I googled images - using trophies, not loving cups as my search term - as I don't have an inventory of trophies in my …

Back (again)

A lot has happened since I last posted here. I realised about halfway through last year that my job was having a very negative impact on my life so after much trying to fix it, taking time out, reflection and soul searching, I quit.

Hooray! Best decision I've made in a long time. I miss my co-workers but that's about it.

I'm still getting my head round it as the side effects of my job have taken a larger toll than I realised. Hindsight is 20:20 and all that. I may write more on this later, or I may not. I started writing about it  just now and it turned into an angry and upset ramble so it's something I'm still working on.
Pushing that to one side for the time being, I'm taking a bit of time out from the rat race to rebuild me and work out what to do next. You'll be pleased to hear a big part of my rebuilding process involves craftyness.

Now, I have all the blog ideas, but don't always have the impetus to actually write things down. I've decided to…