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Weight loss

I've been on a yarn diet since 1st January 2012. That's 140 days without buying yarn.

What is the reason for this self-imposed austerity I hear you cry? What about all the gorgeous yarns out there. Why? Why? Why?

Well this is why:

This is only part of my sock yarn stash. Admittedly some of the yarns photographed here (in a pique of annoyance of the size of my yarn habit last weekend) are leftovers, but never the less I still have a ridiculous stash. There are packs of jumper yarn picked up in sales, those numerous odd balls which I tell myself don't count, and the "oh, I'll treat myself" skeins when volunteering at knitting shows.

Now I'm not denying the yarn does not bring me pleasure. It does. I love colour. I love texture. And I like supporting independent small businesses, but I need a limit. So I stopped.

For the first couple of months I found it hard, in those cold dark days of winter, when someone shares tempting yarn bargains on twitter, or the l…