Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Michelin star socks

I was up in Yorkshire last weekend celebrating my mum's birthday. We treated ourselves to a wonderful lunch at The Bay Horse in Hurworth. I was expecting pub grub, you know, tasty food which looks home cooked. What arrived was something from Mastchef The Professionals. I don't use the word amazing much, I think it's overused,often on the mediocre, but this was amazing.

This was Alex's starter, eel with horseradish foam (YES, FOAM!!!) and a concentrate of beetroot as well as jelly cubes of something tasty (we can't remember what they were.

I had a butternut risotto which was delicious but not as photogenic as Alex's starter.

Mum's birthday lunch at The Bay Horse, Hurworth

The main courses were equally exquisite though we were too busy eating to take any photos. I was surprised how filling I found the food though we had enough room left to try the desert taster menu.

Mum's birthday lunch at The Bay Horse, Hurworth

I'm not much of a cake fan (yes, I know that's odd, especially for a knitter, I much prefer savoury foods to sweet) but especially enjoyed the rice pudding in the tiny jar and apple crumble.

The meal was very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food. I only found out afterwards but the Bay Horse has a Michelin Bib Gourmand. I'm not entirely sure what that means but it's something to do with serving great food at moderate prices.

I made mum a pair of socks for her birthday. The pattern is Eunice by Cookie A from her book Sock Innovation. They were great fun to knit, complex enough to keep my interest though not so complicated that I couldn't watch TV at the same time.

Eunice Socks

The yarn is Yarn Yard Clan. I only had one skein, most of my socks use around 55-60 grams of sock yarn and Clan comes in 65g skeins. I knew cables used more yarn so thought I would be OK but ran out just before the toes. Luckily my friend LaPurplePenguin had a small amount spare. Clan is lovely to knit with and has superb stitch definition. Despite being made from 8 strands it wasn't splitty unless I had to rip back. The colour is hard to capture, in real life it's a deep bluey purple, similar in depth to the photo above but more purple. I reversed the cables in the pattern as I am a symmetry freak but otherwise stuck to the pattern.

Eunice Socks

This is mum's first pair of hand knit socks and she was pleased with how warm they are. I think I've converted another person to the joy of hand knit socks.

Friday, 11 February 2011

p/hopping happy!!!

p/hop won an award yesterday!

Just Giving Awards

p/hop trio


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Happy Multicultural Rabbit

We went along to Chinatown on Sunday for the Year of the Rabbit celebrations.
Our divvy of a prime minister was recently banging on about how multiculturalism has failed in the UK so I wish he could have been there on Sunday to see how many visitors this "failed multiculturalism" attracted to London.

Politics aside this was such a fun day out. It was heaving but years of living in London have made me much better at dealing with crowds and the majority of people were pretty polite. I just laughed at those who weren't. They were obviously soooo much more important than everyone else.

Year of the rabbit

We managed to catch glimpses of the lion dancers blessing the shops with the drums and cymbals chasing away bad spirits.

Year of the rabbit

One of the sponsors was Kung Fu Panda!

Year of the rabbit

As well as the Panda there were wise old men conferring longevity and other attributes to the crowds and a money tree for prosperity.

Year of the rabbit

Year of the rabbit

There were also things to spot if you looked up

Year of the rabbit

Year of the rabbit

and lots of young Chinese women were sporting bunny ears (in a non playboy fashion)

Year of the Rabbit

After mooching around we headed into Covent Garden to Wahaca which does great Mexican food using British ingredients.


Another happy rabbity refried bean Sunday in London! Perfect.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have been knitting over the last month, the problem is the light has been rubbish for taking photos of finished knits. There are signs of spring out there so hopefully in a few weeks time crocuses will be out and so will my camera.

I've been curled up on my crafty futon watching the Danish drama The Killing on BBC4. If you've missed it you can catch up on the six episodes which have already been shown on iplayer. It is excellent though subtitled which means I need to stick with basic stocking stitch while watching or else I miss what's going on, as well as the monocromatic scenery.

The main character is detective Sarah Lund who spends much of her time in a jumper like this.

Photo from where you can buy your own jumper.

There's been a fair amount of chat about her jumper on Ravelry. While I'd love to knit a jumper like that, with traditional Faroese motifs, I don't think I'd wear it much. It would make a great sock pattern....