Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have been knitting over the last month, the problem is the light has been rubbish for taking photos of finished knits. There are signs of spring out there so hopefully in a few weeks time crocuses will be out and so will my camera.

I've been curled up on my crafty futon watching the Danish drama The Killing on BBC4. If you've missed it you can catch up on the six episodes which have already been shown on iplayer. It is excellent though subtitled which means I need to stick with basic stocking stitch while watching or else I miss what's going on, as well as the monocromatic scenery.

The main character is detective Sarah Lund who spends much of her time in a jumper like this.

Photo from gudrundugrun.com where you can buy your own jumper.

There's been a fair amount of chat about her jumper on Ravelry. While I'd love to knit a jumper like that, with traditional Faroese motifs, I don't think I'd wear it much. It would make a great sock pattern....

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