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Festive Dentist

I spotted this festive dentist's window while visiting my parents in Yorkshire over Christmas. It's a very creative use of teeth.

A fine front page

Good to see fine knitwear and a cracking female lead on the front page of today's Independent newspaper.

Holy Christmas Packaging Batman!

Walking the Dead Monkey

Last year when I went to Dublin with p/hop I stayed with my good fibre friend Bioniclaura. We had the traditional viewing of the stash, in Bioniclaura's case, the yarndrobe, browsing of pattern books and general knitchattery.

Laura is an excellent knitter and crocheter. However she was lamenting her inability to knit socks (she has crocheted a fine pair which you can see here on Ravelry).

When I returned home I decided to knit her a pair as a thank you for having me gift. Monkey is a classic pattern and great for variegated yarns. The yarn I used for Laura's socks is some I'd dyed myself. When I was knitting them I was watching a lot of zombie films, mainly the Ramero living dead series, The Walking Dead and Simon Pegg Classic, Sean of the Dead.

The way the yarn knitted up reminded me of gory zombie inflicted wounds. So dear reader, I give you Walking the Dead Monkey socks. Grrrrrrreat.

Advent - Day 6 - Eh?

Yes, you did read that correctly. As one of my friends just said, Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot?

Advent - Day 5 - Still hot

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much is because I've been on my travels. Lucky me. One of my best mates has been travelling around Asia this year so myself and a few friends went to visit her in The Philippines. I find travel tricky to write about, mostly because I do so many things I don't know where to begin. So, to counter that here is a festive snapshot of my travel companions in Coron, on Palawan Island. Even though it was the end of October Christmas things were everywhere, a bit like the UK.

Advent Day 4 - Hot hot hot

I quite often like to make Christmas presents, usually knitting, sometimes food.
I spied this recipe for Candied Chilli Grapefruit by Mark Hix in The Independent a few months ago.
The recipe is easier and less faffy than it looks. The downside with the ones I've made is I used rather potent Chilli flakes so the taste is overwhelmingly of "oh my god, get me some water, ow ow ow"

I've actually developed a taste for these blow your head of snacks and am finding them a useful expectorant for the chest infection I've got at the mo. Mmmmedicinal.

Sadly they will not be Christmas gifts so I am going to make another batch with less chilli. I've also experimented with Candied Ginger Lemon which worked so well I ate it all. Bad gift giver. Bad.

Advent blogs - Day 3

Whoopsie! Where have the last few weeks gone? Hello dear neglected blog. To be honest I don't have much spare time to devote to my little corner of teh interweb at the mo but I have seen quite a few people doing Advent posts, ie making their blog into an Advent calender of short posts.

I like that idea. While I'm a few days late getting started here is Day 3.

Some tweeters have been sharing their advent calender pictures. The only calendar I have this year came from the World Wildlife Fund as part of their awareness raising about the plight of the snow leopard. So far all the pictures have been of..... yes, you've guessed it, snow leopards. I don't mind this as they are beautiful animals, though I expect I'll be disappointed as I'm hoping for a Nativity scene using Snow Leopards.