Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent Day 4 - Hot hot hot

I quite often like to make Christmas presents, usually knitting, sometimes food.
I spied this recipe for Candied Chilli Grapefruit by Mark Hix in The Independent a few months ago.
The recipe is easier and less faffy than it looks. The downside with the ones I've made is I used rather potent Chilli flakes so the taste is overwhelmingly of "oh my god, get me some water, ow ow ow"

I've actually developed a taste for these blow your head of snacks and am finding them a useful expectorant for the chest infection I've got at the mo. Mmmmedicinal.

Sadly they will not be Christmas gifts so I am going to make another batch with less chilli. I've also experimented with Candied Ginger Lemon which worked so well I ate it all. Bad gift giver. Bad.
Candid chili

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