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Champagne Bubbles

We went for a stroll this afternoon along the Seine where my MIL lives to work off the champagne and cheese from New Year celebrations and build up an appetite for our postponed Christmas meal. It was a good opportunity to take some photos of my latest FO, Bubbles hat by Woolly Wormhead.

Compulsory Catalogue shot
Compulsory Catalogue Pose

I've met Woolly at several shows over the summer and we sat together at several meal times at the infamous Knit Camp as well as getting tipsy at Knit Nation. She's ace and also a great designer. She leads a pretty interesting life, living in a converted double decker bus in Italy. Take a look at her blog which is a good mixture of her day to day life on the bus with her partner and young son and loads of great knitting tips.

The Bubbles pattern was great fun to knit and worked up pretty quickly, the cables providing just enough interest to make this a great knit while watching Agatha Christie mysteries on TV in between eating festive leftovers. I used Araucania Natural Solid Aran yarn which I bought from Woolly One-Offs at the Masham Sheep Fair in September. It's similar to Cascade 220 but was less expensive and I like the semi solid colour. The stitch definition is pretty good and shows off the cables well, though it's tricky to photograph as it's red, so the over saturation fuzzes the stitch definition. The cables are much crisper in real life.

Bubbles Hat

Looking at other finished Bubbles on Ravelry it seems I'm the only person who has made this as an adult size hat. It is very cute as a kids hat but I like mine and it feels quite grown up.

My MIL has had her beady eye on it so I've had to hang on to it, I think I'll make her one at some point this year, maybe with the square top, rather than the beanie style.


Woolly said…
Y'know, I think you're right.. yours is the first bubbles for a grown up!

Looks fabulous, great job!

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