Saturday, 5 March 2016

Loving cups?

"What! You don't post for months then you write two in a day?!?!?!?"

Yes, I hear you, my sly subconcious, and yeah, what of it?

So what if I blog like buses!

Anyway brain, get to it, your readers (hello dear reader, thanks for stopping by) are getting impatient.

I had a little moment of self realisation today. I was being a good student taking part in today's #CBdrawaday challenge. The subject is Loving Cups. Loving what? Indeed. To save retyping here's my Instagram post with my homework and thoughts on the actual topic.

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Ramblings about 'Loving Cups' aside, when I was making myself a post-drawing cup of tea I was thinking how I'd really got into the challenge today. I don't care for trophies, I'm not in the least bit sporty, I don't think I've ever won a trophy as they're generally not awarded for the things I enjoy doing and I find them rather brash, and yet here I was getting stuck into the World Cup, the Ashes and a Wimbledon monstrosity. BTW, ever noticed the Wimbledon men's trophy has something like a small pineapple on top?

I think because I was drawing something I'd never wanted to draw before and don't care about I let go of trying to get it 'right' and concentrated on the drawing process itself. Hmm, interesting.

Tomorrow's topic is birds, something I'd love to be able to draw well as natural history is a big passion of mine and I spend much of my free time bird watching. Let's see if I can let go of perfection and get stuck in to the drawing tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've got a strong urge to draw the FA cup!

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