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Today you must be Irish...

...even if you're a meerkat.


Green is one of my favourite colours, I enjoy the occasional pint of the black stuff and I love visiting Ireland, but to be told to celebrate these things on a specific day irks me.

I'm the same about Valentines Day and Parent's day. It's the manipulation of emotion by cynical marketing people that irritates me. For example take Mother's Day, I know I love my mum and I tell her that whenever I feel like it, not on a set calender date. (Don't worry dear reader, I do send her something for Mother's Day, I'm not so cynical that I neglect my mum out of my dislike of corporate induced guilt).

OK, that's my little grumble over. Despite my grumpy countenance I did find find these which put a smile on my face.

Photo borrowed from niftyknits

If you've been watching Harry Hill's TV Burp recently, especially the K-factor, these may be familiar. kniftyknits creates these endearing little creatures for sale in her Etsy shop. Unfortunately the pattern isn't for sale but I admire the attention to detail and character in those little twitchy faces. It's worth having a look at her shop for the sheer range of meerkat activity.

Tonight I won't be trawling the Irish pubs, wearing a daft Guinness hat (there are other brands of stout you know) or claiming any Irish heritage (no, not all redheads are Irish, not all Irish people are redheads - yes, another gripe of mine - stereotypes) but I will be reading Ravelry and maybe watch a few episodes of one of Ireland's finest comedies, Father Ted, which should put me in a better mood.


ah yes, i do so agree with everything you say ginger. down with all commercial hols i say. also, while on the ginge thing, I am Irish in heritage, but my reddish tinge and fair colouring are from the scottish side. I know very few red headed irish. far more likely to be very dark or very blonde in my experience!
Bionic Laura said…
I love you! No really I do. This post is fantastic. You even said there are other brands of stout...

I too dislike being told I must celebrate being Irish on a certain day with weird symbols of Irishness like leprechauns. Irish meerkats though, I can get behind that.

@Claire I must be lucky, I have a red headed Irish husband.
mostcurious said…
I agree with you about commercial holidays. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AND UTTERLY and btw valentines day is utter rubbish.

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