Saturday, 11 December 2010

Laceweight & Owls

I did a little bit of shopping at The Bothered Owl Christmas Party.


There was lots of beautiful yarn available so considering the circumstances I was very restrained.

The yarn is from Indie Dyer Sweet Clement. I spent most of the evening trying not to succumb to her beautiful colours but I could see her yarn from where I was sitting at the p/hop table.

Sadly all the red sock yarn had been snapped up by the time I decided to treat myself so I bought some laceweight. I don't know why I do this. I am definitely falling into the category of yarn collector rather than knitter when I buy laceweight as I have never knitted anything with laceweight but I now have a few skeins of it in my stash after a year of visiting festivals. I am determined to knit with it so need to overcome my fear of it, I just need to find the right pattern.

I'm a big fan of Kieran Foley's patterns but they are a little too tricky for me at the moment. I've tried making High Seas a few times but need to work on my concentration as I always go wrong.

The green/blue yarn will become socks but for the time being it's just something that I stroke.

The party was great fun and even though I was working I had plenty of time to sit and chat, especially with Sarahabroad, Whitehart and Lapurplepenguin who all kindly helped out on the p/hop stand. I also met knitters who I had chatted to on twitter but not met in real life such as rockpurlgirl and onehandknits who were both just as fab in real life.

A big thank you to The Bothered Owls for such a relaxed and fun evening.

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