Friday, 6 July 2012

An affair

I'm having a bit of a fling with Picasso at the moment. When I was in Barcelona last month I managed to finally visit the Picasso Museum which documents his early life and last week I went to see the Vollard Suite drawings at the British Museum - which is FREE!!!

To be honest I have no idea what a Vollard Suite is. I was with a work friend who was keen to get to the pub, it was Friday night, so we dashed round with Nick muttering "pub" under his breath. I'm easily distracted in museums and am terrible at doing the "ooh, just one more room, oh look, the next room has cool stuff in it too" which is usually fine but there was beer to be had after a long week.

So, neverminding what a Vollard Suite is (yes I could read the blurb on the BM's website but I can't be bothered to right now), the drawings are beautiful. Many of them have an incredible composision and Picasso's use of the page is inspiring. The image below is grabbed from the museum website and isn't my favourite example.

If you're in London I highly recommend popping in and seeing them, and while you're there also take a look at the paintings by Chinese artist Liu Dan.

Next up - Picasso at Tate Britain.

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