Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Design it, knit it, wear it!

I found this beauty in a charity shop on my way home from Loop. What will my next project be? A cool hat and scarf? Funky leg warmers? A lace shawl? I haven't opened the box yet so I'm not sure if the fuzzy pink and purple yarn is still in the kit, I'm hoping it isn't. My plan, if I can get the thing working is see if I can make some simple dolls and toys for charities who give knitted toys to orphaned kids in African countries.

As for Loop, my equivalent of a crack den, well, I had a splurge. I figured I don't smoke, I wear what I make for myself and I need more socks. I finally got an op date so will need hand knit socks post op as they don't dig in to swollen tissue.

Here's the latest addition to my stash, got clean needles too. OK, enough with the drug analogies, The Wire is on every night and I think it's seeping into my consciousness.

Check out the Zauberballs from Schoppel Wolle, I can't wait to get started with these. There's yet more Misti Alpaca sock yarn, some Scottish 4ply from Rennies, and some new Knit Pro needle tips for my interchangable cable needle set. Sorted!

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