Wednesday, 22 April 2009

El Misti Wanida

I've finished my Wanida socks. Despite my skinny feet I knit these at full volume (64 stitches, instead of my usual 48) and they fit perfectly, unlike other Cookie A patterns which are too wide for me.

I like them. I only did one repeat of the leg pattern as I wanted some short socks for my short legs. I made the cuff slightly longer to compensate for this.

I tinkered with the second sock and reversed the pattern for some subtle mirroring.

Here's how I did it.

You'll need Sock Innovation by Cookie A which I thoroughly recommend if you love sock knitting.

Cuff - knit as in pattern.

Leg - begin chart on round 17, finishing on row 16. For row 16 knit seven of the stitches in the grey shaded area on the chart, leaving one stitch. Move the last unknit stitch on to the next needle for top of foot.

Heel - work the previous knit stitches as in pattern.

Top of foot. I rewrote the chart in reverse. If you're cleverer than me just knit the chart backwards, changing ssks to k2togs and vice versa.

Toes, knit as in pattern.

Hope this makes sense.

Right, what shall I knit next?

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