Thursday, 20 August 2009

The kindness of knitters

I received my first Random Act of Kindness (RAK) today all the way from The Netherlands. I initially thought my parcel was an early birthday present, however I don't know anyone in Vlissingen so my impatience overcame me and I opened up my gift.

I actually squealed like a small child when I saw yarn.

The parcel was sent anonymously so if you are reading this Phantom RAKer thank you very much/hartelijk dank.

My parcel contained: Blocking pins (perfect as I was about to buy some and these have leaves on the tips which is very me), fuzzy red mohair yarn, silky soft soy sock yarn, Guatemalan worry dolls, a CD, a comedy DVD, cheery heart stickers and a ladybird yarn holder. All good stuff.

In some sort of knitterly karma I'm going to pay it forward on Sunday by Knitting for Peace at the Courtauld Institute in London. Knit for Peace bring together people from opposing communities in knit groups. This helps break down barriers and helps people realise their enemies are not that dissimilar to themselves.

Last night I watched some harrowing footage on how the civilians of Afghanistan are affected by the ongoing conflicts there. I've decided to make some kids hats and jumpers if I have time) for families over there. I know it's only a small gesture in a huge pit of despair, but if I can brighten a families winter, help keep their kids warm and let them know some of us care it will be a small positive force in the world. If you're interested in Knitting for Peace they have a group on Ravelry.

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