Friday, 14 August 2009


I finally handed over the Totoro hooded top to it's two year old recipient today. It also fits his four year old sister which is good as she likes Totoro too. They both looked very cute in it.

We met up at the Wellcome Collection which has a lovely airy cafe and free exhibitions. The Totoro kids mum is a fellow scientist so we went round the Exquisite Bodies exhibition explaining why calves are sometimes born with two heads, how babies are made (the four year olds current interest) and lots of other science fun to the kids. If you visit the Wellcome centre with kids ask about their young investigators pack. It's really cool (I was disappointed I didn't get one) and it's free. Brilliant. The staff were really helpful and pleasantly surprised at seeing young kids enjoying a strange exhibition, rather than being freaked out by it.

Personally, I did enough human dissection as part of my degree to make me not want to see another cadaver ever again, although the models were, as the title suggests, exquisite. It's well worth a look.

As well as Exquisite Bodies we found Jelly Baby Bodies in the genome section of the Medicine Now gallery. I'd like to dissect a giant jelly baby ............. with my teeth.


mostcurious said...

The sweater is super cute!

Katherine said...

If you ever write the pattern up I would gladly pay money for it (I know it's not as simple as that!), going to have to share this with the holy spirit and my other chums on Facebook.

holly said...

OH! I love Totoro! That is a fabulous design. Amazing.

Acornbud said...

I love it. Very lucky little people.