Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I <3 the BBC

I've listened to that much BBC Radio 4 over the last few weeks that I thought I'd finished it.

But then it came up with another nostalgic gem, Alan Bennet reading Winnie the Pooh. I don't have the same level of affection for Pooh Bear as I do for Roald Dahl or Paddington but the works of AA Milne were still an important part of my childhood. I curled up with a cup of tea, knitted the hood of the Totoro Jacket I'm making for my friends two year old boy and listed to Bennett's consolingly doleful voice tell me about the goings on in the One Hundred Acre Wood. I wonder what whimsical wonders my friends boy will look back on with fondness when he's grown up. Or will he be scarred by me dressing him up like an animee character?

If you haven't seen My Neighbour Totoro I'd highly recommend it, even if you don't have small children. It's a very sweet film from the makers of Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki whose animations have an ethereal quality I adore. I visited the Studio Ghibli Museum on my last trip to Japan and have various Totoros in nooks and crannies around my flat. Kawaiiiiii (Japanese for cute, heard several times while visiting Studio Ghibli).

Another win from the BBC is on tonight. I'm calling it David does Ida but I know that's wrong on several levels. Ida is another missing gap in the evolutionary record of primate development and is a very exciting discovery. Evolutionary biology is one of my hobbies so I'll be watching Sir David explain the importance of this fascinating treasure.

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Katherine said...

A Totoro hoodie for a toddler? Sounds fantastic! Our friends kids are just starting to reach the age when we can give them copies of the DVD.

I love the pistol line from Revloting Rhymes too, it's definitely stayed in my head.