Saturday, 5 September 2009

Back to the Future

We're spendng a long weekend at my parents who live on the northern edge of the Yorkshire Dales in the lovely market town of Richmond. A couple of years ago I decided to buy my fiction books from second hand sources, thus supporting small businesses or charities and saving myself more cash for yarn. Richmond is full of excellent charity shops so whenever I visit I go on a trawl to pick up my reading for the next couple of months.

Today I managed to score a signed, unread Jasper Fford book for £2.99 in Oxfam. The fact that it is signed to Heather isn't a problem. I'll just change my name.

Browsing the craft section in Oxfam I also discovered these 1980s knitting books.

Some of the patterns are very wearable or have useful information or good colourwork, however there are some beauties tucked away in the glossy pages. I was a teenage in the 80s and had my suspicions that some fashion ideas were very very wrong back then. Some of them have made a comeback, what with the cyclical (or should that be fickle) nature of fashion and I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these on the streets of Hoxton.

Items 1-3 are from the Kaffe Fasset book. I'm sure I saw some upcoming singer wearing No.1 at Reading festival and the 80s styling in No.3 takes me back. While I admire his colourwork I don't think I've ever seen someone wearing a huge blanket coat resembling a Scandanavian meeting of nations (No.2). No.4 is from the Sasha Kogan book and I probably would have worn something like this when I was twelve. I remember having some black, white and red socks with scotty dogs on and I've got a horrible feeling I had a matching jumper. No.s 5-7 are from Designer Knits. There isn't much in there that I'd actually knit, well I say that now, it may be the height of fashion for Autumn/Winter next year...

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claire montgomerie said...

number 1 is definitely famous, i have seen it lots before so i bet a few famous 'hoxtony' singers have worn it! love em! x