Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Pickles galore!

On our last day in Berlin we visited KaDeWe, the Berliner equivalent of Harrods, which has a fantastic food hall. While browsing the pickle section I found these,

and these.

A single, hand selected Spreewald gherkin in it's own can. If you've seen the film Goodbye Lenin you may remember the mother wanting SpreeWald pickles although I'm pretty sure the old DDR government would not have sanctioned individually packages gherkins. How very bourgeois!

While I'm generally opposed to fadish and unsustainable packaging I figured I can keep my DPNs in the tin once I've eaten the pickle, thus providing me with pickley nourishment and a knitting receptacle.

While I was taking photos of pickles another shopper gave me a look of disgust, which increased to horror when I picked up a "Get One" can with a huge grin on my face. I'm guessing she was in the anti-pickle camp.

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