Wednesday, 2 December 2009

100 days

I've just signed up for the 100 days project.

I thought of many positive things I could take up for 100 days, from the obvious exercise more and drink more water to things I've been longing to take up again but somehow haven't managed yet, things like drawing or learning to play the guitar. I know I wouldn't manage to keep one thing up for 100 days, I just don't work that way, but it did make me think about why I don't always achieve the things I dream about.

I'm a terrible procrastinator, so much so that I only signed up for the 100 days projects with 5min to go of the first day. My goal is to procrastinate less and therefore achieve more. This covers all sorts of things I want to do.

I like the idea of positive change, I'm looking on this as a secular equivalent to lent. I find the idea of giving things up depressing so the 100 days project is so much better than the miserable "I'm not eating x,y or z for 40 days". I prefer to replace bad things with good and try the unexplored.

So what will I try?

I will try to:

Draw more, even if it's just a quick doodle. I used to draw all the time when I was a kid, right the way through university. I stopped when I started work, I'm not really sure why but I've found it hard to get going again. I've bought several art books and I visit galleries all the time but by the time I get home I fail to get my sketch pad and pencil out. Actually they are out but my man pinches my pencils for his sudoku (he likes a 4B) and I use the paper for other things. This will change (though my man can still use my pencils).

Get boring paperwork out of the way rather than leaving it for weeks and months irritating me. Nuff said.

Strum my guitar and maybe learn a few more chords.

Learn a few phrases in a foreign language each week. I can speak French, Spanish and German badly. I'd like to improve in all three.

One of my ultimate goals is to finish writing a knitting pattern. My brain is full of ideas, my needles are overflowing with various projects but I get halfway through writing them down and my mind wanders and I get bored. I need to just knuckle down and finish one. There's also a fear of putting my work out there in public. While knitters are usually kind and friendly some aren't afraid to say exactly what they think in non-constructive ways. I know designers find this hard to deal with so I shouldn't be surprised that this puts me off. I'm going to have to lump it.

I am exercising more, I just need to stick at it and be patient with my healing leg.

I eat well already but I think I eat just a bit too much. I'm gong to watch my intake a bit more and see if that will help shift the extra weight I've gained this year.

I would add be tidier but I've been trying that for years, it's not going to happen.

Seeing how badly my blog every day project went I'm not expecting huge changes, just a few small ones, which is enough for me.

PS, I forgot to add, blog more. Durrr.

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claire montgomerie said...

sounds great!
right, i am going to help youwith the drawing. let's book a trip to a museum/gallery and we have to bring pencils and a sketchbook and find at least 5? 10? lovely things to draw.
Am loving this idea already....