Sunday, 20 June 2010


My mini me is coming along despite my appalling sewing skills. "I" will be dressed even if my fingers become pincushions trying but in the meantime I had lots of fun needle felting "my" hair. The colour is a bit darker than my own and pre hair cut mini me looks annoyingly like the ginger one from Girls Allowed.

Mini Me - pre haircut

That is until I let the hair go wild.

Mini Me - pre haircut

In real life I have short hair so I've had fun styling mini me and for the first time have sympathy for my hairdresser who has to struggle with my thick unruly tresses.

I need to make a top, shoes and accessories, if I have time, then mini moi will be sent to her new home in the Science Museum.


La Cabeza Grande said...

She is terrific! So chock full of personality, just like her real life model.

Northern Monkey said...

She looks fantastic, not at all like the ginger one from girls aloud!

O~ said...

She is so cute!!!! I love her. And I want one of me! :)) To fun!