Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hoes and Stitches*

Over on my allotment blog I mentioned I wanted a hoe. I'm having a lucky week where things I need have materialised. Last night after the Stitch London WWKIP Knit Crawl I headed west to my friend's birthday/football watching party. They mentioned they had an old hoe left by the previous home owner which they didn't use.

The hoe end was wrapped in a plastic bag and I took it home on the tube. It was the last tube of the night so was full of footie fans and tipsy people. I was sober as I knew I had to get up early today so I put the hoe between my knees and got my knitting out (yes,more sock knitting). While the knitting was uneventful two people on two separate occasions grabbed the hoe handle thinking it was the tube pole. I think the World Cup has imbued the nation with a light-heartedness so there were laughs all round added to by drunken blokes singing the choruses from 80's pop hits - badly. I wish I'd taken a photo but even a photo can't sum up how much fun London can be.

*Yes, this blog post is an excuse to use the title Hoes and Stitches as thought up by the clever Jenny Willknits.

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