Monday, 12 July 2010

Prick your Craftacular Finger

On Saturday, after a swift watering of my allotment, I headed off to the Bust Craftacular Craft Fair with my fibre friend Monty.

Monty has already blogged about our day out and it seems we do have very similar taste in things. We were both taken with the quirky animal prints by Brat and Suzie and I was very tempted by a pair of red knickers with this on the bum.

Sadly I was on a budget so my derrière is not adorned with a rebellious urban creature, for now...

I did splash out on a couple of birdie buttons and a card for my Dad from four and plenty designs.


I'm a birdwatching geek and loved the hoopoe screen print. It turns out the four and plenty designer is a geeky birdwatcher too so we discussed where we'd spotted hoopes (by a roadside in France and in a park in central Madrid). Before I learnt to read I used to love looking through my parents battered Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe. Apparently I used to stop on the hoopoe page and shout "hoopoe, hoopoe" very excitedly so it's a bird I'm very fond of.

I also admired the beautifully sinister prints by Dan Hillier which combine animal elements with gothic Victoriana.

Image of "Collector" from

I resisted buying fabric (you'll see why in later blog posts) though Beyond Fabrics had some tempting vintage pieces on sale.

I also resisted these tempting tarts, how could I bring myself to eat a bird?

Cake at Craftacular

We stopped for an iced tea before a final lap of the stalls and a natter with a couple of people from Stitch London, then went for lunch at The Gallery Cafe, a great vegan restaurant just up the road.

One delicious tofu burger later we walked (or should that be waddled, the portions were very generous) to Prick Your Finger. Despite being an avid knitter I still haven't been to all the knitting shops in London. Today I lost my Prick Your Finger virginity. It's a fab place. Rachael the owner was warm and welcoming. While Rachael and Monty chatted I browsed round the shop. While the shop is small there is plenty to look at, especially if you look up.

Prick Your Finger

I loved the crocheted seagull in it's nest of old knitting needles.
Prick Your Finger

Prick Your Finger stock loads of British Yarns.
Prick Your Finger

As well as their own handspun with imaginative names.


I love the juxtaposition of these characters on the rack.

Prick Your Finger

I invested in some Rennie 4ply as the colour spoke to me. Rachel also encouraged me to sniff the yarn which is the sign of someone who understands their craft.

I also got a Prick Your Finger canvas shopping bag which has a great message on the reverse, though some people on the tube yesterday looked like they'd taken it a bit personally when they read it. Ha!

Poo Home! Plus yarn.

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