Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Catch up No.2 - Goodbye Mini Me

A couple of weeks ago all the stitch selves were transported from Stitch London's HQ to the Science Museum. I helped the team set them up which was great fun sorting through all the little people. Some were brilliant, some were downright scary though they were all endearing.

Science Museum Late

Yet again the brilliant Stitch London folks have blogged about it. See if you can spot me on their blog, as well as enjoying all the other mini mes.

Science Museum Late

I had a fun night at the Science Museum grown ups only evening. A few friends came along and it was so much fun being able to play on things in the Launch Pad area without having to push kids off things first. (Before you get all hot and bothered I am joking, though if you've ever been to the Science or Natural History Museum during the school holidays you'll understand the frustration)

There were quite a few imaging gadgets so here I am in thermal imaging...

Science Museum Late

...and on some dot display contraption.

Science Museum Late

The frozen ice crystals were beautiful, I spent about 10 minutes watching them form through a polarising lens...

Science Museum Late

and the cat with 7 toes was cool.

Science Museum Late

The BBC were there with their Bang Science programme demonstrating experiments you can do at home. I love that sort of thing and was fascinated with the super cool water experiment, where water instantly turned into ice. You can try it at home, the instructions are here.

Science Museum Late

At the end of the evening I took one last look at mini me. It was quite hard leaving "me" behind, though I know "she"'ll be in safe hands at Stitch London.


mostcurious said...

Ok, this is awesome. Did you say that was the science museum? I might need to go there.

Char said...

I love your mini-me so much!! Are they all still at the museum? How long for?

Ginger Knits said...

Sadly the Stitched Selves were only there for one night only. It's worth contacting the museum saying you were sorry to miss it and will they be displayed again.