Monday, 23 August 2010

Putting things in perspective

We arrived home from Yorkshire today to find half our living room and kitchen were flooded. Our table, futon, PC (I'm writing on our dinky laptop), carpet and ceiling are damaged as well as some minor bits of electronic kit.

This is very annoying but when I see images of the flood in Pakistan it really is nothing. Yes, it smells funky, yes, my favourite old, well travelled address book is damaged but no-one has died, we're not at risk of cholera or malaria and I doubt either of us is going to starve. Even the errant Black Cat wandered in safe and sound as if nothing had happened.

MSF are working their socks off in Pakistan, setting up Cholera stations, proving shelter, clean water and medical care to some of the 14 million people (yes 14 million, hard to imagine isn't it) affected by the floods.

This MSF water distribution truck provides water to victims of the floods who are displaced and in need of clean drinking water. Nowshera, 27th July 2010. Photo by Ton Koene/MSF Photo via
It's easy to make a donation to MSF. You can do it on their website or via the p/hop widgets on my blog. 
£5.51 provides a mosquito net which will help prevent a family from getting malaria, dengue fever or other mosquito transmitted diseases. Not bad for the equivalent of one 50g ball of nice yarn or a couple of shop bought sandwiches eh?

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Northern Monkey said...

How annoying that your house was flooded (even if it doesn't compare to the awful flooding Pakistan) I hope you manage to get everything dried out and insurance sorted quickly.

I've donated to the DEC but will be sending some money in MSF's direction as well.