Sunday, 31 July 2011

Frakking Socks - Episode IV - Abandon all hope

Deadline day. I had til midnight to knit another fiddly heel, two feet and two toes.

My camera ran out of juice to document progress but I did take a crummy webcam photo on Mr G's laptop.

Frakking webcam socks

Luckily the weather wasn't enticing us outside so I had an excuse to sit in my parents dining room and knit. I did have to stop for lunch, and to chat to Max the notmycat, but mostly I knit.

I work well to deadlines and worked out how to do more complicated cables without a cable needle, making the socks grow much faster, though with slightly gappier cables. I need to work on that, though a bit of tweeking at the end will neaten out the gaps.

By 11pm I had finished one sock and had a "Viper V" and the toe to go on another sock. I made it to the toe by midnight but couldn't knit anymore. Plus I had an early start in the morning. So near, and yet so far....

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