Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wedding Tea

My lovely cousin Jane got married at the weekend. She's been with her partner husband Chris for ages so they have everything they need so requested charity donations instead of wedding presents, but it it nice to receive presents, and I was pretty sure they didn't have a cricket tea cosy.

Cricket Tea Cosy

They are both ex-Navy so I made the cosy in Royal Navy colours. I also pointed out on the gift tag that this is not a cat jumper in case their ginger moggy ended up sporting knitwear.

Wedding gift

Jane is a Yorkshire lass so I used DK Wensleydale Longwool yarn, held double for the body and singly for the sleeves and collar. The pattern is fun and quick to knit and I will definitely make this again. And it is a p/hop pattern designed by my brilliant friend Ros.

On the morning of the wedding we went into nearby Malborough with my parents to have a look around. Malborough was as lovely and as twee as I expected, the good side of which is it has loads of great charity shops so we picked up some books, including Douglas Adams and John Lloyds Meaning of Liff which has been on my wishlist for ages, a Neil Gaiman book and Kazuo Ishigoro's Never Let Me Go. Mr Gingerknits found an almost new pair of snowblades in a Blue Cross shop which might come in handy if we have a similar winter to last year. I can see us going up to Hampstead Heath to try them out if it snows.

Malborough also has a knitting shop called Fair Isle which had some Jean Greenhowe knits in the window in preparation for the Malborough show which was taking place that afternoon.


The knitting shop stocked lots of acrylic blend yarns such as Sirdar and Wendy and it was handy seeing them in the flesh as my LYS's in london only sell posh yarns and sometimes an acrylic blend is preferable (and cheaper) than pure wool.

Fair Isle Yarn Shop

I picked up some Sidar Escape which I was going to make mittens with but I have predictably started knitting socks. Quelle Surprise!

Bling ring & Bouquet

The wedding itself was lovely, and there were a few surprises such as the wedding cake being cut with a ceremonial sword! In the evening we went back to my cousin's friends we were staying with. Myself and my parents were expecting a relaxing evening when almost everyone else came back to the same house to carry on the party. Luckily I hadn't quite changed into my PJs but I was sock knitting. I didn't realise I could impress retired Royal Navy commanders with circular needles and some ribbing but I did. I just felt sorry for their wives as they all started requesting socks. I told them to learn to knit, the men that is!

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