Monday, 2 January 2012

The First FO of 2012

Here's my first finished object of 2012. A bit like the food most of us have been eating for the last post-Chrimbo week, they are leftover socks.

They've been on the go for yonks, and almost finished but I was dithering over the cuff colour. The teal green of the toe and heel felt too dark for the cuff.

In the end I used a smidgen of my Old Maiden Aunt Put on the day sock yarn which I think compliments the colours in the body of the sock, which is Misti Alpaca sock yarn.

The toes and heel are Lang Yarns Jawolle, the name of which is a work of genius. I've used the nylon thread that comes with Jawolle in the toe and heel so I'll see how well they wear.

First FO of 2012 First FO of 2012

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ros said...

Those are lovely! One FO for every day of the year so far. Hope you can keep up the pace. ;)