Sunday, 1 January 2012

The last FO of 2011

Yesterday we went to London's Natural History Museum, one of my favourite places in the city, to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We went with our good friends Paula and Brian who are also travel and photography fans.

The exhibition was surprisingly quiet so there was plenty of space to take in the awe inspiring images as well as chat about travel, photographic techniques (In camera double exposure anyone?) and of course, the wildlife.

Paula and I were both taken with this abstract image of a spider's web, by Finnish photographer, Antti Partanen, titled A Spectrum of Silk.

There were also some outstanding entries in the Black and White categories. This photo of a chachalaca (it's a bit like a jungle turkey) , by Gregory Basco, would make a lovely fabric print.

If you can't make it to the exhibition you can view all the images online.

So where is the knitting in all of this? Well back in the summer I asked Brian which bespoke knitted item he would like for his birthday. He asked for socks. I started the first sock on our holiday to The Philippines and finished the first sock on the flight home. 

I'd been meandering along with the second sock, other projects took priority, but I completed it just before Christmas, or so I thought... 

MrG to tried on the socks to check the fit and despite looking the same length when flat, the leg of the second sock was about 1.5cm shorter than the other.

Me being me, I left ripping back the second cuff til yesterday morning, just before leaving for the museum. I grabbed my DPNs, a sewing needle and of course the socks and yarn and knitted on the underground...

Underground Knitting

... and in the members room of the Natural History Museum, while we all had a post exhibition cup of tea and cake, til the cuff was reknit and the correct length. 

Brian then kindly modelled the finished socks for me with some interesting objects in the background.



After the photo shoot we went to a new Lebanese restaurant, near the tube in South Kensington, called Comptoir where we had a slap up meal of mezze, mmm, falafel. I'd recommend it if you are visiting the museums there. It's reasonably priced and delicious.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn how to make my own falafel, baked rather than fried.

After a late lunch Mr G and I walked to Peter Jones to buy some new pillows. This was surprisingly exciting, though I was disappointed to see I was the only person in the shop using their head to test the pillows, rather than their hands.

On the walk there we spotted some interesting lights.

Firstly a giant penguin...


Then the lovely Michelin building which is worth a look during daylight hours too


and finally the mass of lights outside Peter Jones, reflected in the windows opposite, which we spotted while waiting for our bus home. Which was a very comfy bus ride thanks to the new pillows we were carrying. IMG_0089
 A very nice way to end 2011.

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