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Lazy FO Friday

There's a crochet photo thing I'm joining in with over on Instagram. I'm enjoying it though it is mostly a sea of pastels and perfect home decor  there are moments punctuated with humour and insight.

Today's theme ties in nicely with FO Friday. Out of pure laziness I'm re-posting here. Any questions? Ask away in the comments. Cheers and happy weekend!

BIG WOOL got me back in to knitting after a 20 year hiatus. The satisfaction of finishing a scarf in days, rather than weeks was a revelation. I bought lots of BIG WOOL. As my technique improved, my yarn weight decreased and big wool was sadly redundant, relegated to the bottom of the stash. A few years later I discovered BIG HOOK and the #crochet circles project was born. This took me ages to make, mostly due to distraction from other projects. It also failed as a stashbuster as I had to buy more #colours, I really did! Is it a #blanket? Is it a rug? Is it a blug or a ruket? Who cares? It's toasty, colourful and ridiculously cheery. And yes, I realise my feet wouldn't look out of place in a Twilight film. #keepingitreal #justthereforscale #crochetlove #hook #ldjcrochethookup #storage #cnfridaywin #crochetnowmag #crochetersofinstagram
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Deja deja decisions

After all my decision making in my post yesterday, and my eagerness to cast on, my brain interfered again and I spent most of the evening playing with colour combos in Excel.

It looked like this:

I stared at it for ages, showed it to my other half, stared at it again, showed it to my other half*
*repeat until bedtime.

I decided to get stuck in having whittled it down to two possible layouts. I'm still not one hundred percent sure but I'm hoping I'll have a better idea by the time I'm at the next colour change.

Food: easy five spice soda bread

In that idle time between Christmas and New Year some have dubbed Twixmas, I found myself recuperating from spending a week with my very intense mother-in-law by watching mid-morning TV.

I flicked over to Nadiya's British Food Adventure where this recipe for red split lentils and five-spice soda bread caught my eye.

I'm a big fan of curry; it's my favourite cuisine and the combo of lentil soup and soda bread ticked the right boxes. My dad is a keen breadmaker and he talked about making soda bread over Christmas which had tickled my interest. While I like the idea of making bread, I'm unlikely to have bread flour or yeast in and I find the kneading and proving off putting, but soda bread is doable.

The lentil soup was eaten before I thought of photographing it. It's similar to dhals we routinely make for dinner - so cheap and easy to do - though the garlic and butter were a treat. The bread has lasted for a few days as there are only two of us in the house. I manag…


I've known for some time, ahem years, that I have several WIPs (works in progress) that need attention. I've avoided them, hiding them in project bags and cupboards - out of sight, out of mind - the lure of casting on new items, telling myself they are more important, they will be more interesting, distracting me from the irritation of the unfinished.

Truthfully they are not out of mind as they irk me whenever I go on my Ravelry project page, pangs of guilt for socks and sweaters I could be wearing.

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In the post Christmas lull I decided to tackle a few, at least getting them out in the open, matching first socks with partially knitted second socks, finding patterns and checking needles sizes. I haven't found them all, that way lies madness, and I do want to cast on new projects as well as tackling the unloved.

I outed myself in Instagram as a serial WIP procrastinator and invited others with my afflict…