Monday, 9 March 2009


Yesterday was Mr Gs birthday. Being mobility limited and a Monday meant we stayed in and watched telly. I'll try and spread nice treats out over the week for him.

I spent the day trying out the pressure cooker we bought in India. I use lots of pulses in my cooking but usually use tinned ones as it save the overnight soaking and endless cooking. When we took part in a cookery class in India the teacher extolled the virtues of pressure cookers, both for cooking pulses and making super fast curries so we bought a small one in Delhi.

My mum had a pressure cooker when I was a kid but it was all fancy with regulators and things I don't know about. The Indian one is a much simpler affair with a valve which releases steam when the pressure builds up.

Indian pressure cookers use the number of steam bursts to work out cooking times. And when it blows it really blows. It makes for quite tense cooking, hearing the pressure building up, waiting for the release of steam. I like it.

I made a very tasty Chick Pea Masala using some spice blends we also bought in Delhi. The chick peas came out beautifully soft with a delicious nutty flavour. MmmmmMasala.

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