Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Socks In Rainbows

I've given up on TV. After 4 weeks of vegging in front of fairly quality TV I've had enough. I'm spending the mornings listening to Radio 4, then when the Archers comes on at 2pm I switch to BBC 6 Music. I did try XFm but it's full of ads and plays the same tunes over and over again. I'm also reading a bit more which is a good thing. I'm currently on a murder mystery set in the 1900s with Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung as characters in the novel.

Actually I haven't completely given up TV, still watching the Dally Show which I record on More4 then watch the next day. John Stewart makes me giggle. I'm still following Heroes, Lost and BSG as well as Corrie.

I've become obsessed with sock knitting, probably as I'm enjoying wearing hand knit socks at the moment as they are comfier and warmer than shop bought ones, and they are easy and portable to knit.

These are my latest pair, I'm using up some Hummingbird Alpaca sock yarn I had left over from making Boots' socks. I've been listening to more music too, especially Radioheads In Rainbows. These socks are similar to the album, occasionally discordant, happy/sad, love/hate, colour pooling weirdness.

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