Saturday, 24 April 2010

February stashbusting with extra babies

Bloody hell, where is this year going? How did it get to be April so quickly? I haven't had proper internet access for the last week, it's a long story, I was supposed to be on holiday but those plans were scuppered by a volcano of all things!

Anyway, it's catch up time. First of all, here's some finished object/stash-busting news, well it's hardly news, from February.

There's been a recent flurry of new people arriving in the world which means new baby knits. I really enjoy making baby things in-between bigger projects. There's the satisfaction of that comes with finishing a pair of socks in an evening.

First up are another pair of booties from my favourite bootie pattern. These used about 60m of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino which was left over from bigger projects.

Emma's booties

These wee socks use about 50m of yarn per pair and are again made with Debbie Bliss Baby cashmerino from my stash.
Small socks

As well as baby knits I made my first commissioned knit. Earlier in the year I offered myself (well my knitting skills) as a raffle prize the the MSF office where I volunteer coordinating p/hop. Liz the winner wanted a ski hat so she chose the colours and style she wanted and I designed and made it. I've half written up the pattern but want to knit another hat in a smaller size before I publish it.
Big Head Hat

The hat used approx 115m of Rowan cashsoft aran weight yarn which I also had in my stash. You can see the details here using Ravelry's clever project sharing feature.

It's a big slouchy hat and is great for keeping your ears warm.

So, this all sounds very good, knitting from stash. Unfortunately I did buy more yarn, 2 skeins of mmmmmMalabrigo aran weight in two charming shades of blue. This was a bit of an impulse buy but it will turn into a hat for me at somepoint in the future.

Meterage out during Feb = 275m.
Meterage in during Feb = 384m

Overall meterage increase of 109m. Oh well.

I have been tinkering with some other projects too but I won't include the meterage here as they are not finished.


BadgerBrock said...

nice products... the shoes and socks would surely look good on my baby girl... :)

Ginger Knits said...

Why thank you BadgerBrock. The shoes are deceptively easy to knit.