Sunday, 4 April 2010

Socks 4 Joey

Remember the Socks 4 B I made for my best friend Jo's daughter? I had lots of my hand-dyed beetroot yarn left over so made Jo a pair for her birthday. She's going through a horrible divorce so hopefully a cheerful pair of socks will remind her that I still love and support her when she's having a bad day.


I went to visit her last week and found her wearing B's socks, insisting that they fit her, despite the heel being in her instep. She said how comfy they were so we have another hand knit sock convert in the world. Yay! I might need to make B another pair though unless they shrink back to size in the wash.


There's some crazy colour pooling in those socks but I quite like it. It reminds me of strawberry shortcake.

I've called the socks "Socks 4 Joey" in my Ravelry projects as throughout our school years I called Jo Joey in homage to Joey Deacon who appeared on Blue Peter throughout the 1980s. In return for my political incorrectness Jo called me Tom, Joey's friend and we spent many hours being irreverent, as kids do. We now both work in health care so maybe Joey did have an influence on our career choices.

Sock geek details:
2.5mm addi circular needle. It's my first time using a metal needle for socks. More on that later.
Yarn: Sirton trekking hand-dyed by me - see link above.
Pattern - Yarmando Evil Sock Genius Pattern. The link appears to be broken at the moment.
Slip stitch heel for extra comfort.

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