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Fuzzy head, fuzzy politics

I was planning to knit my way through the General Election coverage last night but my friend Emma made election themed vodka jellies which would have made knitting dangerous. We ate them as the first few results came in (after drinking caipirinhas and boozy ginger beer) as well as playing the games in the BBC election party pack. The best one was bingo which involved spotting classic BBC election phrases such as "not since 1974", "technical difficulties" and "bellwether" (only one of us knew what that meant and it wasn't me).

Election Vodka Jelly

The jellies were strawberry Labour red, Lib Dem pineapple yellow and lime for the Greens and Independents. The Tory blue jellies were made with food colouring and were vile. Enough said.

Myself and Emma had printed out the leader masks but we didn't wear them due to a lack of elastic (I wasn't giving up valuable yarn for that) but I did get a shot of Gordon Brown on the underground.

Election Circus

Today has been a little fuzzy around the edges but we did spend a nice afternoon mooching around Richmond and chatted to a council gardener who gave us loads of tips about gardening and what to see. We saw a great public garden which won gold in London's best gardens and visited a ridiculously expensive nursery full of over priced garden decorations, though I did buy some reasonably priced seeds for our allotment. I also spotted this which made me laugh. For those of you from outside the UK, one of the Tories election promises was to bring back fox hunting, the poster is a spoof of one of the election posters. One of the things I love about the UK is our ability to make fun of just about anything.

Fox pie?

Anyone for fox pie?


ClaireEJ said…
Petersham Nursery is not for real people. It's for those with way more money than sense. But, it is lovely.
Look out for the Palm Centre just down the road. Much more useful, depending on what you want of course. They also have a website but for the life of me can't remember then URL.
Ginger Knits said…
He he, I had been warned about how daft Petersham Nurseries is. The plants seem reasonably priced and in good nick but I did see a yummy mummy casually pick up 3 £30 window boxes and absent-mindedly plonk them on top of her top end baby buggy. I swear all the kids I saw in there were dressed in Petite Bateau or Boden stuff. I hear the food is expensive but excellent. I'll keep on eye out for the Palm Centre next time I'm down that way.

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