Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tie for a Newsreader

Well here it is, you saw it here first, the knitted tie for a Channel 4 newsreader!
Although this was very easy to knit I've leant a bit from making it and consider it a prototype.

I made it in garter stitch alternating a solid pink sock yarn and a Crazy Zauberball in fuscia colour way. While the colours changed they way I had planned the edges are a tad untidy for my liking despite carefully twisting the yarns up one edge and the tie itself is very stretchy.

Tie for a newsreader

Alex my patient and understanding other half tied it in a Windosr knot as a normal tie knot didn't work due to the stretchiness of the fabric. The tail of the tie is overlong so I may do some tinkering with it before dropping it off at the Channel4 office tomorrow.

Tie for a newsreader

I think I'll knit another tie and make a few small changes before writing it up as a pattern. I'll use just one yarn to get rid of the untidy edge, make it shorter to allow for stretching and slip stich the edges. Apart from that it was fun to make.

Tie for a newsreader

I'll now be avidly watching the news at 7pm, Channel 4 to see if the tie makes an appearance.


mildawg said...

That's really cool! I love the subtle striping.

La Cabeza Grande said...

I really like what you did with the colour combination. That's one hot tie!

I think slipping the edge stitches will do the clean-up you want.

BTW, I thought your model was the newsreader. Or is that Alex?

claire montgomerie said...

I could really see it on whats his face the newsreader! Fingers crossed he wears it!x