Monday, 3 May 2010

Knitting Election 2010

I have to declare that I am finding the UK 2010 Elections highly entertaining, mainly due to the influence and pithy banter found on social networking sites such as twitter.

I wish I'd thought of a blog-a-long for it as it's as entertaining as the Olympics, what with live leaders debates, microphone gaffs and homophobic Tories. Oh wait, that last one isn't entertaining, just down right scary.

Back to knitting, one twitter knitter friend pointed out that the BBC 2010 Election logo looks like knitting needles. What do you think?

As well as being entertained by fellow knitters and comedians on twitter I've also picked up a knitting assignment. @theyarnyard Natalie, founder of p/hop, got chatting on twitter to Jon Snow, Channel 4 newsreader about knitting him socks as he wears some great brightly coloured socks which can often be seen on the news. I follow another Channel 4 journalist, Krishnan Guru Murthy @krishgm and didn't want him to be left out of the sock fest so asked him if he would like a bespoke pair of socks. He replied that he would like a knitted tie. Once I got over my initial excitement of chatting to someone off the telly I set to work on tie research.

I say tie research, I asked him what colours he liked (pink), rummaged in my stash for a suitable sock yarn, and used one of my partner's ties as a template.

The tie is finished but needs a little tidying up before I show you photos of it. Maybe it will end up on the news?


mildawg said...

It definitely does look like knitting needles! (this is what I love about the knitting community)

claire montgomerie said...

can't wait to see your finished article on the news!!!! how exciting! x