Friday, 31 July 2009

All is revealed

Or is it???

Here it is, in all it's technicolour glory, THE MYSTERY OBJECT!!!

Your guesses have been getting closer. It is for the garden and it does decorate a plant pot. However that is not it's main function.

The main purpose of this woolly item is still in the experimental stages. I should be able to report back if it works in a few days time.

So, any last guesses as to what it does?


madmurdock said...

Does it keep slugs from crawling up to your plants?

BonnieShae said...

Hanging basket?

mostcurious said...

You got me. I'm out of ideas. I'm also a terrible gardner.

claire montgomerie said...

i'm with madmurdock - i know you have had troubles with the slimy ones. let me know if it works...if that is its purpose...

just get on and tell us lass!