Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Single, atheist, bear who likes fibercrafts.

I was going to post about my various knitting projects today however we had some sad news in the Atheist and Agnostic Crafters group in Ravelry yesterday.

One of my favourite on-line friends and all round lovely bloke, Scenter died yesterday. I'm finding hard to voice how I feel. I suppose in the increasingly internet dominated age we make contact with people from all over the planet and form friendships which are different to real life friendships but are just as real in camaraderie and emotion.

"Single, atheist, bear who likes fibercrafts" is how Scenter, real life name Bruce, described himself on his Ravelry homepage. He was all of those things and so much more. He was highly intelligent and his understanding of a fascinating range of subjects, fuelled by a passionate thirst for knowledge, was admirable. I often had to google some of the things he wrote about but they always turned out to be interesting. He had a wonderful way with language and often provided words of great empathy, kindness and comfort if someone had suffered a misfortune. He also concocted some shockingly bad puns which were guaranteed to make me chuckle.

His good friend Jolie has written here about Bruce who she was lucky to know in real life. I love her description of him:

Bruce was a stellated dodecahedron in a world populated mostly with circles and squares.

It's a great way to describe him. He'll be greatly missed both in real life and in virtual life.

RIP Bruce aka Scenter 1960-2009
All round top bloke.

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