Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting ...

...for Godot

We booked tickets ages ago to see Waiting for Godot with Sir Ian McGandalf, Sir Patrick Jean-Luc Picard-Stewart, Sir Simon Callow and Ronald Pickup. You know the feeling, when you really really want to see or do something and wait patiently for months, then just before the desired thing happens apprehension sets in.

I've been a fan of McKellen for a long time and my admiration for his acting talent escalates the more I watch him. I like the fact he's not too much of a luvvie to play daft roles in Coronation Street, or panto dames or wizards or magnetic mutants and he puts his skill and dexterity into all of his roles. The thought of seeing Magneto opposite Professor X was too exciting. Would the play be as good as expected or would I be horribly disappointed?

I needn't have worried. As a pair of dirty, worn hands clambered over a crumbling wall at the back of the stage to reveal a dishevelled McKellen as Estragon in Beckets seminal work I was drawn in to the life of two shambolic tramps, waiting.

I wont say too much as 1) I'm not a theatre critic, 2) I don't want to spoil the play for you if you see it and 3) there are plenty of reviews out there. What I will say is see this play if you can. New dates have been added...

On the way to the Haymarket Theatre Royal we came across this shrine to Michael Jackson. His death must be good for sales of pink post it notes.

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