Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Darn it!

Mr Gs socks have holes in!!!!
They were the first sock I made so I've tried my hand at darning.

I found this tutorial which looked straight forward til I got myself in a yarny tangle. As the space I was darning was quite small I fudged it. The mended area is a bit thicker than the rest of the sock but a wash and wear should even it out.

I finished my Bloody Stupid Johnson hat, named after a Terry Pratchett Discworld character. I've named mine the Bloody Brilliant Me hat as I had to rewrite the pattern. My first attempt was enormous, so big I could have kept a large rodent in the hat as well as my head. Bloody Brilliant Me

The pattern is a clever design. The focal point is a cable panel which is irregular in width. This is compensated with short row shaping to even out the overall hat width/height.


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