Monday, 5 January 2009

Knitting resolutions for 2009

Life resolutions? Nah, can't be arsed, rarely stick to them anyway, apart from one year where I tried something new each month which was fun.

Knitting resolutions? Well that's completely different.

1) Knit more for me. Looking at last year's project list I made 37 items, 5 of which were for me and 5 for charities.

I have a few outstanding gifts to knit and then it's me me me (and some charity knitting).

2) Be braver about knitting adult jumpers.

I need to get the hang of gague & learn short row set in sleeves.

3) Limit the number of FOs on the go. I'm not sure to how many, I'm going to try and have a big project with a couple of smaller projects on the needles at one time.

4) Get over my fear of finishing projects and stop coveting them once I've finished.

5) Learn new techniques

6) Write up my patterns.

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