Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Front and back united

Today's knitting news. I successfully joined the front and back of my V for Victory jumper using short row shaping. There was a bit of making it up as I go to get the seams to match but it worked.

I wanted to knit the sleeves using the set in seamless method but I think this will be too tricky to keep the stripes. I think I'll do a provisional cast on, knit the sleeve cap from the bottom up, sew it in, then pick up the arm stitches and work the rest of the sleeves top down. This way if I run out of yarn I can make the sleeves of equal length.

In other news, the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) have ruled that the Atheist Bus ads do not breach the adverising code. Well most of us knew that. It's mainly odious people like Stephen Green of the highly irritating Christian Voice (who don't speak for many Christians I know) who claim they are being persecuted while spreading their hatred and bile. Ha ha, they lost. It's a good day.

Obama is sorting out Guantanamo and common sense won. Yippee.

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